Chicago Nursing Home Accident Lawyer

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Tony Elman, Lead Attorney, Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC

Accidents in Illinois and Chicago nursing homes can and do occur, and these accidents often injure nursing home patients, some seriously.  As well, Illinois nursing home accidents have lead to the deaths of nursing home patients.

These accidents can also occur at similar types of health care facilities, such as Illinois assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), hospices, and hospitals.

While there are many different types of nursing home accidents – and they differ in severity – some of the most common types of nursing home accidents include those in the following categories:

  • Nursing home patients who fall and injure themselves
  • Nursing home patients who slip and fall
  • Nursing home patients who are dropped by nursing home staff
  • Nursing home patients who are burned
  • Nursing home patients who suffer after medication mistakes
  • Nursing home prescription errors
  • Nursing home “accidents” that are actually caused by nursing home abuse

These types of nursing home accidents can be caused by a range of factors, including poor nursing home operating procedures; improperly trained nursing home staff; nursing home negligence; carelessness; poor and/or inadequate equipment; improperly monitoring; and poor maintenance of the nursing home facilities.

Whatever the cause of these Illinois nursing home accidents, nursing homes may be held legally liable for the injuries – and in some cases death – that result from these accidents.  If someone you care for has been involved in an Illinois or Chicago area nursing home accident that has resulted in injury or death, you should consult with a qualified Chicago nursing home accident lawyer to see if there are legal actions that can be taken.

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