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This Chicago Nursing Home Accident Lawyer website is published by the Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC.  Elman Joseph Law Group is based in Chicago, Illinois, and handles Chicago area and Illinois personal injury lawsuits.

This Chicago Nursing Home Accident Lawyer site discusses a variety of nursing home accident issues.  While this site focuses on accidents relevant to nursing homes that may cause nursing home residents harm, injury – or even death – these issues are also relevant to other (similar) health care facilities, such as assisted living facilitieshospices, skilled nursing facilities, retirement homes, and hospitals.

As discussed on this site, nursing home accidents can and do happen, for a variety of reasons.  While many of these accidents may be unpreventable, many others are preventable and are primarily caused by nursing home negligence.  When a nursing home fails to perform in a responsible manner, or otherwise fails to fulfill their obligations to nursing home residents, the nursing home can be held liable for injuries and fatalities that result from these shortfalls.

Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC is a personal injury law firm that handles Illinois personal injury and wrongful death cases.  Elman Joseph Law Group has been handling such cases for over twenty years, and during this time, Elman Joseph Law Group has established a reputation – based upon the frequency as well as the verdicts obtained – as highly skilled trial lawyers.

In fact, it is because of this reputation as accomplished trial lawyers that many well-known Chicago law firms choose to have Elman Joseph Law Group take cases to trial.

Elman Joseph Law Group’s litigation capabilities are important to your case because if we are unable to attain an appropriate settlement of your lawsuit, we have the proven capability of attaining attractive court verdicts.


Should you or someone you care for experience nursing home abuse or neglect – or have a similar experience in an assisted living facility, hospice, hospital, etc. – please contact Tony Elman at the Elman Joseph Law Group to discuss the situation and to see what legal actions may be appropriate.

To immediately speak directly to Tony Elman, Lead Attorney of the Elman Joseph Law Group, call (773) 392-8182 at any time.  There is no fee for this legal consultation.

ABOUT THE ELMAN JOSEPH LAW GROUP, LLC – Chicago Nursing Home Accident Lawyers

The Elman Joseph Law Group has handled Illinois personal injury cases for over 25 years.  During this time, Elman Joseph Law Group has established itself as a law firm with many accomplishments in litigation.  Tony Elman is the lead attorney of the Elman Joseph Law Group.  He earned his J.D. degree in 1991 from Tulane Law School in New Orleans, Louisiana, and earned his Master of Law degree (L.L.M.) in health care law in 1994 from the DePaul Law School/Health Law Institute in Chicago, Illinois.  He is involved in a variety of professional legal organizations.