Nursing Home Residents Who Fall

Chicago Nursing Home Falls

As discussed on the “Chicago Nursing Home Accidents” page, one of the common types of Illinois nursing home accidents involves when nursing home patients fall.  These types of accidents can, of course, occur in other types of long-term health care facilities such as assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities (SKFs), retirement homes, hospices and hospitals.

Reasons For Nursing Home Residents Falling

When nursing home patients fall, it is often for one of these reasons:

  • Slippery floors
  • Trouble getting into or out of a wheelchair
  • Lack of a walker or cane
  • Items on the floor (such as clothes, equipment, etc.)
  • Lack of adequate assistance in the washrooms
  • Inadequate or poorly adjusted bed rails
  • Falls involving mechanical lifts
  • Lack of bed rails
  • Poorly trained nursing home staff lending walking assistance

Injuries That May Result From Nursing Home Falls

The types of injuries that can result from these falls are various.  While some may cause no injury, other injuries can be significant, and some may lead to the death of the nursing home resident.

Injuries resulting from nursing home falls can include broken arms, broken legs, and broken hips, as well as other types of broken bones.  As well, bone fractures can occur.  In some cases, a concussion or other type of head injury happens.