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If someone you care for has been involved in an accident while in an Illinois nursing home (or similar type of health care facility like an assisted living facility, skilled nursing facility (SNF), hospice or hospital), a lawsuit may be able to be filed regarding the injury sustained.

Elman Joseph Law Group is a Chicago-based personal injury law firm that handles Illinois personal injury and wrongful death cases, including Illinois nursing home accidents and nursing home abuse cases.  Elman Joseph Law Group works on a “contingency basis,” meaning that clients never have to pay a fee unless and until they receive a monetary award.

Elman Joseph Law Group is known for its court trial capabilities. This is important for our clients because if we are unable to attain an appropriate settlement, we have a proven track record of achieving highly attractive court verdicts.

In fact, because of this litigation capability, many well-known law firms choose to have Elman Joseph Law Group litigate cases.

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Elman Joseph Law Group provides a free legal consultation to learn of your personal injury situation and discuss what legal remedies may exist.

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